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Our philosophy that any SEO exercise is in a state of flux. It’s forever evolving.

The current search engine optimisation ecosystem is not solely revolving around increasing exposure and counting where your URL appears in search results. By delicately determining your objectives, a complex strategy is then composed by identifying any existing resources, analysis of your network architecture and a thorough examination of all content, past and present.epik-partner-padded

As search engine algorithms and your specific campaign are constantly developing, persistent evolution of strategy and monitoring of your data is undertaken. This process is crucial to learning as much as possible from the invaluable data gleaned during an intelligent Melbourne SEO crusade, which impacts businesses where it counts.


What we have done

  • 400+%increase in interstate enquiries

    1mil+Facebook impressions and counting!

    Top 3Google positions for keywords in target cities


    As Australia’s largest solar provider, TVS required a refresh of the look, feel and experience of their website to keep up with their changing brand as well as ensuring that their 70,000+ monthly website visitors were optimised to convert at the highest rate. They also wished to expand their online presence into key interstate markets and as a result engaged Epik to re-launch their social media presence and develop an engaged social following.

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