10 Tips To Boost Sales Over The Holiday Season


It is estimated that Australians will spend $8.8 billion on presents this holiday season, and if online sales are anything like last year, they’ll be in excess of $3.29 billion.

With online competition increasing at this time of year, it’s imperative that your brand stands out with a digital marketing and social media strategy. So here are 10 tips on how to pump up your sales and conversion rates this time of year.

1. Whether you’re an ecommerce or physical store, the majority of your traffic in December will be people looking for holiday gifts. Convert this traffic by designing an experience that fits their needs by bringing the holiday spirit onto your website and social media pages. Ensure your imagery and content is themed for the holidays, so potential customers feel like they’re looking in the right place.

2. Speaking of Christmas spirit, add a countdown banner to your homepage or landing page. This creates a sense of urgency and can promote sales as customers feel like they’re losing time.

3. Cater to those who don’t feel a sense of urgency and who (like me) leave shopping to the last minute, by offering free express delivery or a spend over x-amount for free express delivery if you’re an online store, or by extending your opening hours if you’re a local business.

4. Engage your fans with a question, whilst also showing off multiple products in one post. For example, do they like the round or square earrings more? Do they prefer the dress in red or blue?

5. Promote specials on your social media pages by boosting to your target audience. Remember – organic reach is fairly low so putting a bit of budget behind posts can bring you a significant return on investment this time of year.

6. Bundle offers! Package some products together to create the perfect Christmas bundle gift. Take it a step further and give the bundle a name to help direct people to who it’s for. The mother-in-law or the Hard-to-buy-for brother.

7. Get people to spend more money by offering different spending perks. Something along the lines of, spend more than $100 and get $15 off. This can entice people to cross more names off their shopping list at your store, if there is a financial saving for them at the end of it.

8. Consider your target audience and your regular customers, but also who might be buying their presents. If you sell caps or cufflinks and usually target males within a particular age group, be sure to include females into your Christmas targeting, to appeal to their girlfriends.

9. If you can, give something back. 90% of consumers say they would switch to a charitable brand if the products were a similar quality and price. Perhaps you can promote that this holiday season, you’re donating 5% of sales towards those less fortunate.

10. It doesn’t just end on the 25th. Make sure you promote your boxing day sales in a similar way by following the pointers above.

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– Lana Rosenbaum


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